Todays supposed to be a special day, wth all the 8th day of the 8th month of the 8th year in the 20th century and all that, said my friend smetime early in the day today. Well, maybe it is or may be its not. I came to office as usual, after a rather bumby 30 min ride in a rickshaw and then realised I had forgotton my id card. Luckli te guy wos not there to check ,else it would have been anothr problem.

I guess I reached early, only sijo wos there as usual reading the newspaper and yawning as if he hasn slept in 2 days straight.Boss is on leave, kinda miss him actually. So that means another free day to browse,read news papr(the one good thing bout workin for a newspaper, yu get to read almost all the dailies, national n international),chat,gossip and in between making a few call to pretend that you are workin too. Missin seema too, shes supposed to be rejoining today, but havn got a clue wers shes vanished.Tried to call her, but her phones switched off. Tried thinkin of sme ways to reach her like  callin up Impresario and gettin her designer frind who did te saris for Miss kerala contest’s number n then find her no or try getting her hubbs office nbr n find out bt her…hmm both too much of work, so decided to wait until either she decides to switch on the phone or cme to office, which ever first.

Have booked tickets for movie Veruthey oru Bharya(not realy sure bt te lietral translation bt i guess it s smethin like just a wife for no particular reason or smethin like tat). Have finally gotten my guy to agree to cme for a movie with me.After 11 monnts of bein together today is the day hes finally agreed for a movie!!I guess he likes his new office much me too cos it doesn hold him till wee hours like the old one.


10 pm: I din kno I could take so much pains to see such an outstandingly stupid movie.It s funny in a way, I managed to send send priya n mobin on time to get the tickets but got myself standin on te road lookin at a traffic block which i realised could be slower than a snail.So I took a walk across two blocks,went underneath an over bridge, crossed a railcross, took a rickshaw again n finaly got to the theatre to fnd my guy patiently waitin down. We wantd to tell the producer guy wo wos waitin outside it wos great till interval, after which we would have trashed him up then n there.anyways.

It wos supposed to be a special day with all the 8th day of the 8th month of the 8 year of the 20th sentury.Hmmmmm…


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