wonder years!!

Yesterday I wos spring cleanin a cupboard in my room and found my college album…As I looked into the snaps it wos suddenly very overwhelming .. And I don’t know why.. I could feel this chill down my spine looking at all these times we shared.. n at da same time i shuddered at the thought of never gettin these times back again,And I wished we had one of those time machine which could take me (us) back to 2002. That’s when my college life starts.


I wondered bout going back to my first day in college, where I said good bye to a very teary uncle n aunt n a very cheerful mom;) when they took off after seeing me at the gate of ma college in coimbatore…..bout seeing the bunch of ma classmates for the first time, all 47 of us laden with bags n kits, all smiling n eager yet nervous for the first day. I rem our first class room on the top most floor which outlooked beautiful mountains and misty skies where it always used to drizzle…And it just got better from there…


I tried to remember kirti, my bst frnd,(whos now roller-skating smewer  between Switzerland, uk n India) the number of times we bunked classes for movies,the fun we had roaming around the town in her bike, Or suvi the babe, how we always made fun of her for each n everythin, Bhavna with her look at me attitude , all the night outs and rides when we stayed the weekends at her place, n Ezra who always made it a point to fight with any guy, who behaved badly to me,and remains a loyal frind n his gfs no 1 & 2 both who happened to be ma best friends at their point of time, Or Ashpana with her hilda stories and “sickyas”, or Sarfaraz and his funny ways of hairdos and body piercing . And there was Ashwin, my lone crush in all three years in Cbe, who never knew bout it, Dulin, my wonderful rommie and all our  late night talks and how we usd to share our fears and hopes, Chitra and her lovely voice which could fill the room with her vassegara..,nilen, the first guy I got incredibly drunk with or andrew our sweet teddy bear… 

Its been 3 years since we all parted ways…..But it feels like an eternity… I don’t know when I ll ever meet them again… And if at all we meet, will it be the same again? will we still laugh the way we did and talk nonsense nonstop…will we still wonder wer to spend our nxt weekend and jst pack our back paks n zoom off? rem the endless plans like before…will we ever have our share of fights and make gangs within the group and in the end realize that we all belong together? Will we ever meet up in nest and argue bout having  lemon tea or fountain pepsi? Would we ever spend our evenings around a table at jm and just while away time over  khati rolls? Or jst sit smewer  in smebodys terrace n watch stars and the moon while smeone strngs a guitar and  Nilen or ezra sings “you fill up ma senses” or “wonderful tonit” and feel this wos heaven ..Or plannin for a surprise bday party at 12, worse still tryin to hide wen its yurs(think eggs,tomatos n such things on yur face at 12 on yur bday)…Collg wos sooo mchh fun.. I wish there were more of those years…I wish we never got past those years and it wos still the same….those wer really te wonder years!!


  One thought on “wonder years!!

  1. September 6, 2008 at 6:26 am

    i jus loooov the way yu write buddy! 😀

    and yea…college life is one great time.! I really am considering doing “higher” studies…just to get bac into that student-mode! wud be great! but well, marriage in th way…DAMN ! 😀 😀 😀


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