There is this somewhat old man in my office who appears every evening with a piece of rag cloth to dust the tables, shelves and old newspaper stands free of dust. Since our office is on the side of a busy road in ekm, by the end of the day even we are coated with dust, let alone immovable objects.

This old man is very short , around 4 ft tall with a mop of very white hair on his somewhat youthful but weathered dark face. I don’t think he s  very old but his white hair and mush makes him look at least 20 years older than what he really is!

We call him Varkey chettan. I dint know his name till our GM’s secretary (I think after a very chaotic day) told me her biggest wish if she ever inherit a few millions would be to give our GM Varkey chettan’s role in the same office. It kept coming to my mind and I had to keep reminding myself not to laugh out loud too many times. It seemed ridiculous because Varkey chettan is like the humblest human being I have ever come across. I am not telling this just because of his job. But every time you look at him, there is always a smile on his face. He has these comical bugs bunny teeth which is ever protruding which makes him look ever smiling. He always wears a white shirt which is so dirty that you gotta look twice to make sure it was once white. And his trousers are like 3 fourths and he walks bare foot. But despite all this, one look at his face reveals a lot of things, his ever smiling face makes you also smile, and his eyes twinkle everytime he looks at someone. And if at all you speak a word to him, he’s like in the 7th heaven. He will be filled with so much happiness that it makes you feel like you did something really good. And it could be just a word.For him its like a great honor. People says there are different kinda people everywhere. But you dont meet this kind of people every day.


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