A simple morning

I did not feel like doing any work this morning. And as it was raining there was nowhere to go.

I tried reading a detective story, but it was one of those locked roomed mysteries which usually try my patience. Gazing down at the road dint help as the rain kept everyone indoors.

I wanted to do something. So I thought of some of the simple pleasures in life to do and decided on making a list.

One was watering my plants but Amma has forestalled me; she has almost drowned the bougen villas. Another is browsing among old books, but iv done that yday. So I sat down and made a list..

Listening to cooeing of doves and pigeons. But there are none in the vicinity. I can only hear my neighbor’s parrot calling out โ€˜chechiโ€™ to all passing mortals.

Walking barefoot over dewy drenched grass. I think il keep it for another day..too cold and nay..im just feeling lazy for that one today!

Watching the sun come up from my bed near the window. But this morning there was no sun!

Peeling of an orange. Except that they re out of season.

Sometimes on a walk when I know nones within hearing, I start singing some old romantic songs. So that’s something I did. Until finally our lasapso dog “Appu’ climbed up the stairs to see what the noise was all about and sat beside me and started whining along. Maybe he thought I needed some company….hmmm ๐Ÿ˜›

The rain stopped, the sun came out so did a swarm of yellow butterflies in compensation for the mornings absence of simple pleasure. ๐Ÿ™‚


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