First Day at School.

It seemed just like yesterday that I held her for the first time in my arms ; a little fluffy bundle of joy with the tiniest pink toes and rosy chubby cheeks and tightly shut eyes! The nurse bought her in while she was sleeping and then I was distracted by someone and I looked back at her again and there she was looking straight back at me with beady black eyes, a hand poised under her chin as if shes been sitting in the nurse’s hand for a long time patiently waiting for me to wake up…DSC00881

Well that was 4 years back. The 8th day of February in 2010 to be precise. The day my daughter was born. The day I also became a mother.

So fastforwarding to present, today was my daughter Ananya’s first day in school. I was so excited that I hardly slept last night so did the husband.He was even tensed and kept pacing up and down. We all got up early and went to wake her up at 7. She was totally excited and did a whirlwind dance in bed and her excited was basically to get into her new uniform and shoes. Got her ready by 8 30 and she spend a good ten mins in front of the dressing table checking if her beauty was accelerated alright..:0)

Reached school which is a 4 minute drive from home and saw an army of cars already parked on either side of the road. I got down with her and waited for Makku to find a parking spot not really knowing where to start in the sea of parents and red suited lkg-ites. But Ananya seemed at ease, she chatted up the not so friendly looking lady and her kid standing next to us and even pointed out that the red clips the child was wearing on her head were not allowed in school :0). So not get embarrassed further, I pulled her to the other side of the road and again continued the ever so wait for the husband to turn up. In 2 mins she was waving to a guy and he came over and said ‘Hi Ananya’. And there I was with no clue who this new person was. He turned out to be  the van driver who was supposed to pick her up and drop her everyday. Ok, at least he can remember faces and names. Thats good! In relief I saw  makku walking and coming  to us and to my utter disbelief he just picked up his phone and started talking and just walking here and there without a trace of showing that he even knee us!! Well, Ok, I get it you studied in this school for 12 years, but a lil guidance for us was appreciated.

The school looked good. It stood in around 3-4 acres of land and had a million trees and a beautiful lawn and it felt like a really calm place. Even the teachers looked very serene and calm which was a good thing.


We joined the sea of parents and children who were waiting down the Bala Mandir block to be called to different divisions for the induction. It was taking time as there was no set rule for this, so we went to get her books. There were text books and notebooks, a slate, colouring books and crayons. Ananyas face lit up as soon as she saw the crayons and the colouring book and immediately demanded to have it right there to start drawing. Luckily it was out turn to get to the induction room.

She was enrolled in F division and it was in the cornermost room in the second floor. I was panting by the time I reached there which reminded me to dust up my excersise regim again. Her class teacher was Ms.Kala, a pleasant looking lady in a cotton saree and glasses. She breifed us about the school timings,  uniform code, general things about lessons, snack menu and other common things. It was an half hour general induction and we could go home after that.

20 minutes later we were on our way back home. So now I was officialy a kinder garden students mother. God bless me!! 🙂

First day at School
First day at School

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