How I started liking cricket and the first ODI without Sachin

I was never a cricket fan until last week. I have gone to watch the game whenever there was a match in our Kaloor International stadium but that was just because my friend works for the KCA (Kerala Cricket Association) and she gets all these fancy box tickets and ask me to tag along. To me cricket was just a stupid game where 2 men bated a ball  in a stadium which was surrounded by other numerous huge men whose ambition in life seemed to be just catching the ball. Stupid!!Wasnt there anything better to do?

But that was last week. That was before I saw Sachin Tendulkar quit. Before I saw Sachin walk out of the ground after his 200th test match and bid goodbye and how the whole stadium(probably a lot more that that) cried. Before I heard his farewell speech where he read out from a carefully marked list thanking  his parents, coaches, relatives, friends and mostly what touched my heart was what he had to say to his wife Anjali. And how the immaculate and emotionless Anjali Tendulkar who we are so used to watching on TV started sobbing and laughing at the same time with overwhelming emotion when he said ‘this is the best partnership in my life’. Man that just blew my world out. All at once it came to me why people where so Miss You Sachinmad about this game, why they worshiped these people as if they were demi gods. What moved me most was how my don’t carish (read puchist) husband sat glued to the TV set and looked like as if his world had just ended. Well the gloom is still on, quoting his words-’Its strange not to live in a world where Sachin doesnt  playing anymore, to watch India play as I have literally grown up watching them now if he also goes who is there for me again’! (As if sachin was his 3 am buddy..hehaa). But guess that’s the inspiration he was to a lot of people, the message that was his life, his passion, his aspiration and perseverance towards the game, never dithering, never ever part of a single controversy. A legend!

So coming back from all the sachin talks, I went for the first ODI match between India and west Indies today at the Kaloor International stadium. I t was too hot and too crowded but as soon as the game was on, people just forgot everything. West Indies won the toss and started batting but even before one run Mr.Batsman fell down dangling himself on his own bat and was taken out on a stretcher.:P. Somehow they all looked a little droopy and managed to get a 212/all out by the time they ran out of overs.  India opened with rana and dhavan who managed to get a few runs and then Mr. 18 till I die Virat Kholi walked in and started a series of 4s and 6 s my voice slowly started changing from screams to hoarse whispers. 😛. After dhawan was out Yuvi came in and did the same thing. Guess our men were out here to show that the team rocked even after sachin left. And they did just that.After Kholi was out in walked who we were all waiting for , the captain himself M.S Dhoni  but sadly India was just a few runs to win and it was a matter of 3 balls that we scored a run more than the West Indies.

And Mr.18 till I die virat gave the first 4..yippiee
And Mr.18 till I die virat gave the first 4..yippiee

It was an amazing match not just because it was the first time I saw all the players but this is like the only place after our school days where a lot of patriotism is displayed. It also showed a different side of cricketers like small things, the crowd waving and calling out names to the fielders who stood near our podium. We had Kholi, Jadega and Sammy during our match today and Kholi was so arrogant it was like we were all not even present there. Jadega gave a few waves whenever he could but Sammy was the sweetest. I think he was more surprised to hear his name being so perversely called and he almost looked shy, and started blowing us kisses and waves. Little gestures that matters so much to commoners like me. 😛 In between all this also me and my friend managed to snack and  gossip a lot 😛. And what a match. We still miss you Sachin, and everytime your clippings were shown in the stadium the whole crowd just went crazy. We miss you terribly. But the men in blue are good too…:) And we won a game 🙂


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