J the new car-muthalali! o.O

I cant even start writing this piece because I start laughing like literally! Its about my drive and my new car. 😉

Well from the time I was like 15 or something my mom used to nag me to start driving. We had an old beaten up fiat premier padmini back then. And it was a hurricane task to set that thing going and drive it. It had a hand gear and some 16th century mechanism and on top of that it used to break down every now and then. I remember us going on a road trip to Mookambika just before my 10th std board exams in it and it used to stop every time we crossed a railway line. Well to put the story short, a 3 day trip got extended to 7 days for stopping in a garage every single day before reaching home ;). I was just thankful to be able to come back before my exams started!

Our next car was a Maruti 800. It was a nice onion skin colored car. But somehow I think I got lost mixed up with the hand gear and road fear with the convenience of having a driver to chauffeur me around. So even though I was going to college everyday in it I never drove. But I managed to get my driving license by then. And to everyone who asked me ‘Do you drive? the answer would be ‘I have a driving licence”. 😛

After I got married, the convenience just shot up sky high. I had a husband who pampered me and spoilt me in terms of driving. He literally was against the mode of public transportation that everywhere he went it was either by driving his car or a flight. And he never encouraged me to drive due to a flash back accident he had in college where he broke his hip bone and right leg in an accident where he was sitting with his friend who was driving. Apparently the friend dint see a tree on the road and drove the car into it! So now he has jitters if someone else is driving the car. Many times I have seen him taking the drivers seat even in cabs. So he dropped me to work, picked me back from work, drove me to shopping, malls, relatives & friends houses, vegetable shops, bangalore, mysore, ooty, tamil nadu, karnataka, Andhra and everywhere possible. 😛

But every-time I saw a girl driving smartly by I get a feeling of loss of not driving. And whenever I opened my purse, I saw the Driving license looking at me sadly. It was a sad reminder that I used it only as an address proof now and I was half sure that  it felt bad on that too :P. So after a few years, I started nagging him to ‘teach’ me to drive again. Once or twice he gave me the car for test drive. But years of not driving and road fear  ended in me in once hitting the brake in the middle of the road just like that making a water lorry  which was behind us to go slanting parallel on the road as the driver tried his best not to hit us. The next time I hit the gas a little too much and it was our car which was parallel on the busy palarivattom main road making a huge traffic block :P. It dint help either that his BP shot up everytime i was in the driving seat! So with it ended my trysts with his car!

But by then I had started realizing how difficult it was to get around without a vehicle. Years of pampering had made me reclusive to public transports as well. So everytime he was busy which was increasing as he was moving up the corporate ladder, I had to depend upon autos or taxis more and more. My daughter was in play school and it was getting difficult to take her to parks and malls if he was not there. I was planning to get a car and start driving and started looking around second hand cars which I could afford when the big surprise came.

It was an ordinary day. Anu went to school, I was lounging around the house, painted a bit, had lunch and then I get a call from my mom. She called to ask if it was possible for me to come home in the evening as they had to go somewhere and someone needed to be with my aunt. The usual. I agreed and as usual took a rick to get home. Amma was dressed to go out and I spent sometime with my aunt. In about half hour my mom asks me if I can go to the temple with her..Being a religious Hindu that was a question you never said no to. So I quickly showered and accompanied her to our nearby temple. As I reached there, there was a white celerio parked outside for pooja. I went inside without a second glance offered my pooja and came out. Imaginr my surprise to see my huuby and my daughter near thr car towed with mom n dad all beaming from ear to ear. N anu all excited she was jumping up and down and came to me lile a bunny rabbit and gave me the keys and said happpyy holidayss…hehe…I was opened mouthed like a goldfish gasping for air like I usuallg am at such circumstances.
So finally after all these years, I do own a car. 😉 😉


Anu waiting for pojja

Anu waiting for pojja

The new drive

The new drive


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