Some lesser known facts about me :P

♥I always had one on one friends..i have had group friends but not over a long period of time..we always split up moving out to different geographies or just falling out emotionally! On record, I envy every girls group who bonds like the sex n the city 4-some. 😉

♥ I have loved cute looking animals till my mother decided to have 3 dogs and cats at home.Now even if I see a stay dog I want to run away from the place. They totally creep me out.

♥ I feel immaculately forgiving at times to people who can smile at me after a fight even after years. One hi and booom goes my anger. 🙂

♥ I don’t remember anything for a long period of time say for more than a few hours. I have short term memory loss. [Self proclaimed!!]

♥ I have never eaten anything non vegetarian in my entire life. (OK, now dont remind me of the cakes and ice creams!!!)

♥ I do not use or promote using of leather products.

♥ Even the cosmetics I use are all organic and never tested on animals.[A very recent addition from the time I learned about the cruelties of testing on animals from a friend]

♥ I get totally confused on all decisions. I can never take a decision and I expect someone to make life easier for me by deciding things.#utter lazy# 😉

♥I have fear if heights and closed spaces and beaches at night.

♥I sometimes wish I could throw my daughter out of the window for pulling my hair and screaming in my ears especially when I sleep in the afternoon and she doesnt.

♥ I have no sense of pity for anyone except little children on the streets. I buy anything they sell. Use or no use.

♥I am fascinated by while curtains and earthen tiled floors in rooms.

♥ I still read my enid bytons books and imagine im still in school.

♥ I can sit and think aimlessly for hours in the same position. I have a whole world in my head.

♥ I dream of becoming a renowned film maker and an award winning author.

♥ I am an awesome cook who cannot make traditional kerala dishes for anything. And every time I make a payasam i am jinxed to burn it. ; (

♥ I do not know to make tea or coffee for 2 or 3 people. Its either for one or a whole tea pot.

♥ I am an extremist. Its either this end or that end. I cannot survive in the middle of anything. I cannot be politically correct.


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