Never ask an avid reader for a book reference!!

This is my worst nightmare coming true. A wanna be reader friend who takes the pain to find me/call me and asks me “I am gonna start reading, so give me the names of some good books “. To this day that is the question I detest being asked. I actually get panic attacks to it 😉

You see, I live and breathe books. My father did, my uncles did and my cousins do too. It runs kn the family! The most comfortable place I find is in a crossword in a mall or in an old second hand book sellers stall. Some of the best conversations I had is with the street book vendors. They always give the best book recommendations, almost as if they read my mind and know my type!

My mom says I take after my elder uncle who dint marry till he was 40 and used to spend 80% of his salary on buying books for years. Well I married at 22,thats another story but I still spend most of my money on books. If you come to my house you find it the library, living room sofa, bedrooms, any shelf, cupboards, dressing tables, bathrooms…my living spaces are crowded with the soothing sight of books I have read or yet to be read. I have relations with my books just like I have relations with real people. Some I loved which become my favourite, some I just like, some I am familiar with, some I dont understand and some I dont like!

So when someone asks me to refer books, I panic because every book is a writers pain. I dont want someone reading a book and not liking it because of my opinion. Like in everything taste differs.

So usually I start asking them a few questions before suggesting them books. I almost feel like a homeo doctor! My first question always is what genre do they like? Usually they are clueless about genres. So I help them, simplyfy the question – is it romance, horror, thriller, classics? Well, I am blessed if the person picks a genre. My work is made easy.But most of the time they are clueless there too. “I dont tell me  good books” would be the answer. Sigh!!

So I proceed to the next question to find out where there stand in reading by asking ” which was the last book you read?”. And the answer mostly but not always would be a Chethan Bhagat’s book. Sometimes completed, sometimes imcompleted. :). But I have found this common like a 6 out of 10 it would be Mr.Bhagats book. I have come to the conclusion that he is the first step a wanna be reader taken in reading!

To be continued…..

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