The Alter-Ego

I was pretty much bored, feeling jobless as usual as the day ended. Dinner was over, daughter was sleeping, dishes were done, parents had retired to bed. I came upstairs hoping to watch some TV and remembered it was a Friday so there would be no repeat episodes of the ‘sex and the city’ too. Blow!

Sleep was a thing that was not being friendly to me these days. And bed times have become some sort of tossing and turning and again tossing and turning process without an end. I switched on the bed lamp thinking of reading something. My phone beeped a message. It was pri replying to something I had asked her about 2 hours back! πŸ™‚ I chuckled and said good night and lazily checked my fb for any new update. Someone had liked an old picture of mine from 2010 and it was on the news feeds. I clicked the picture and read the comments. It was all so hilarious what my friends had written in the comments feed.

I took my profile and scrolled down to read from the beginning and started laughing at things someone said, some memory that sprang up, some incidents that happened.. I realized it was pri who was writing so much and I was laughing at everything she wrote. It was hilarious.

You may not know Priya, She is my best friend and alter ego. There has never been a day that I, “a would have been journalist” not despised taking upon the Public Relations and Advertising course in SCMS instead of the actual Journalism course that I had applied for; falling for the marketing skill of the pr head!. But all the loses in my “would have been journalistic” career,( which never happened )I am ready to forget and forgive is only because I got this amazing friend from there.



We connected in the first few days in college and were inseparable till the end of the course. We were equally fun loving who took nothing seriously, shared similar interests in many things, be it books, music, bunking exams, crushing on the same guys, falling headfirst into trouble. We were almost mirror images! She was the twin I dint have . Oh, and we even sounded alike on the phone that hardly anyone recognized who was who while talking to us,
and the number of times we walked straight into trouble for that too.:P

We have traveled from Trivandrum to Mumbai on a train which was to become our most horrible travel experience in our lives, for a commercial shoot which we never even bothered to see, πŸ˜› spent a whole week there in a total strangers house and completely felt at home, πŸ˜› and again from there to Goa for the most fabulous week ever on a very tight student(real nil) budget and loved every minute of it.:P. That was also the time I realized singer Himesh Reshamya who ia also now an actor was so damn famous and irritating- everywhere we went he was singing, it was almost like he was also traveling with us!:P

In goaAgain Goa

In course of time we moved apart- geographically. She moved to ‘panna’ Bangalore and I stayed back in ‘panna‘ Kochi. We both married the guys we fell in love with,I went on and had a baby girl and she adopted 2 dogs, first a lab and later a beagle, She first became a freelance writer and then a full time writer and I dabbled in media in marketing.

Somewhere life got busy in between all these things- jobs, spouses, kids, in-laws, dogs, parents(not exactly in that order) and we never got around enough time to sit and laugh like old times. The truth was we never spoke on a daily basis. Not even a weekly or a monthly basis. But unlike other friends in my life we always had the ability to pick up the conversation right from where we had ended and in the first 2 minutes we are back to being the brats in college.

She has been there rock solid at all the most crucial points in my life, extending her support, sometimes giving her opinions and at times just what is required the most, a patient ear to listen to everything and empathize silently.

I don’t know if there is anyone who knows me and accepts me completely like she does. And vice versa. It is rare that you reach a point in a friendship where you accept and support the other persons decisions in life over anything else, be it society, family or spouses, without criticism or without even questioning. All that will matter to you will be their happiness. And that is also the true definition of friendship .Β  And that is exactly why I call her my alter ego!


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