Surrogacy on weekend.

Its Sunday morning.  Cherry is  busy in a colouring marathon in her new colour me book. I am sitting in the sofa breaking my head over  crosswords. The husband is having his morning tea and reading the paper too.

‘Hey’, he suddenly says.

‘Ya?’ I ask biting the rubber end of the pencil. It tastes gross. I dont know where she has put it. Yuk.

‘I think we should start planning for the next baby’. He suddenly makes an statement out of the topaz blue.

‘Like new baby acha?’Asks cherry. We forget the ever keen listener keeps an ear besides our mouth always.

I look at him sideways, dont bother to reply and go back to my crossword. As if one we have now is not two hands and two legs enough already.

‘Dont you want?’He asks again. He asks it with the ease of asking ‘you dont want a piece of cake’!

‘I want Mamma, I want a baby brother…NOW!’ suddenly chirps in cherry. Oh I forgot she takes decisions in the house now,a say in everything like what should be for dinner or like when to have the next baby! 4 year olds are 4 year olds for that I guess.

‘Like now? Sorry no time now im busy with crosswords’. I hope he get the sarcasm, lame as it is.

‘Hey I am serious, why are you always skipping it? He retorts.

I put the pencil down, cross my arms in defiant and look at him ‘Because that back pain is killing me and I cant even sit for more than an hour straight  so what are we talking about ? ‘ I ask him.

Cherry gets up and stands on her yellow chair now. ‘Mamma I want baby brother nowwww ‘, and stamps her foot too on the chair, both hands on her hips. She looks at me for sometime like I can produce a baby brother from her cookie jar in the kitchen or something like thar in the next 2 minutes. I try to act busy with thinking over my crosswords again.

‘Hey, maybe we can try surrogacy’. Says the husband suddenly seriously. The pencil pops from my mouth.


‘What is surroogacyy?’ Asks the ever learner of new words in the room. For once she is ignored.

‘We can try whattt?’ I think I dint hear him properly.

‘Surrogacy . You surely know what that is’. He sits back and crosses his legs giving a slick smirky expression. ‘Its the new next thing you know’ he adds.

‘Says who’? I ask.

It has never even crossed my mind. The only time it had was when I saw that Malayalam movie Lucky star and thought it was gross. Yes gross.

‘There are people I know who has tried it and has been successful recently’.He says seriously now. ‘ It might be a little expensive for an option but I dont mind trying it.’

Now I am opened mouthed. He cant be serious even about the thought. ‘No ways…surrogacy my foot. And who is these people who you know who has done this recently? ‘ I am more interested about that.

‘Oh, Shah ruk, Aamir and all’. He says with a straight face. ‘All their new babies are born this way. Since you are progressive I thought it might suit you too!’. He is burstng now. Oh I am the butt of the joke, I get it. I try to reach out and kick him but only succedd in falling from the sofa.

He helps me up and i sit back glaring at him holding my back. But I cant hold on any longer. I continue my ‘angry glare’ for 2 more seconds and then throw back my head and laugh .Cherry also thinks something is utterly funny and starts laughing her fake yet infectious laugh.

But it triggered my thoughts again later. Why do people opt for surrogacy? Medical conditions or personal reasons but its still like having another womans child in some sense or other. What is the great thing about having your bloodline running in a most absurd way? Why cant they just adopt from the lakhs of orphan children around ?

In my younger days I had even wanted to adopt children. Not one, but 2. I wanted to bring a child home and give them love and comfort and raise them as our own. I had even mentioned it to him during initial days of marraige and he has been horrified. All that was till i had my own child.But now I have become this woman who cant even think of having my child which would be born out of another womans womb. I feel it is dirty. Yes, the progressive me thinks surrogacy is dirty.

As if I should air an opinion about everything in this world.sheeshh!!


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