Do you find my fathers snoring funny Mr?

In case you dint know, I am a sucker for Tamil movies. My taste varies from the old b/w godly ‘gyanapazhathey’ varieties where Shivaji ganeshan says the never ending ‘adadaddadaaa’ dialogues or ‘you bleddy fool’ as my matinee idol kamal hassan roars or even the dishum dishum/sand flying/ dhoti tying varieties of vikram in dhool or arool are all equally my favourites. It just increased momentum while doing viscom in coimbatore where we were supposed to ‘review’ movies and hence no movies were ever left out. On hot afternoons we always made it a point to put some movies in the projector and turn on ac to the max in our lab and chill eerr review :)I even used to clap and hoot and try to whistle at the begining of movies  like we did in Coimbatore theatres  much to my Mallu friends (esp saarika, who almost fainted from humiliation the first time ;p ) utter disbelief in the past.

I am also a trouble magnet. The only thing is that it is usualy people who are with me who get into trouble because of me. Me and the husband had gone for a late night show which started at 10.30 in PVR one day. I had threthened and dragged him to watch Nayan Taras and Aaryas new movie Raja Rani. I am a sucker for love stories as well. I feel myself lumping and slushing like a mash mellow jelly on a good romcom. The lights were off and the movie started to roll and about half an hour into it as I was ogling Aarya and thinking Nayans was a godess all the while busy stuffing my face with popcorn when suddenly there was a loud “RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR” right in my ears. I jumped up so violently that the popcorn flew in the air landing neatly on the guys lap who was sitting next to me.

I turned around and saw a guy in the row behind leaning on his recliner happily snoring his way as if he was in his cosy bedroom. And it was no ordinary sound. It was at least 6 ocatves high and it even came down in decimals. Like it could go up in RRRŔRRRRRRRRRRRR and come down in RRR RRR RRR, exactly 3 times, he would then pretend he was mucnhing on something and again repeating the process. People sitting around us were all laughing and I settled back. His wife and daughter was also with him and his wife loked very embarresed and was poking his tummy too. But no avail. He dint even nearly budge.

As soon as it was interval I demanded the husband another tub of popcorn as mine was lost in the popcorn rain I bestowed my neighbour. But he flatly refused. I felt angry and unfair and turned to glare at the guy who was the cause of my popcorn loss. He was middle aged, bald with a mahabali tummy and he was still sleeping as if nothing happened in his life, his mouth was still open and still the rrrrr raga was in full form. I know it was rude but it somehow tickled my funny bones a great deal and i found it so funny and  I just couldnt help laughing at the scene then. So I turned back and chuckled and poked the husband nudging him also to look at him. He also looked and gave me a stern look and asked me to stop being so impolite to elders in a hushed tone. But I just couldn stop it and I was soon rolling out my kikikikikiki laughter.

Just then a hand poked him roughly on his shoulder and we turned back and saw his daughter glaring angrily at the husband!

“Excuse me , You find my fathers snoring so funny Mr?” She was hissing at him in anger.

This was not expected as the chairs were high and I thought they wouldnt have seen me. She dint see me, but she had seen him looking at her father and heard the kikikkki and thought it was him (perils of being tall ;p)  He was caught off guard.

“What?Sorry I dint get you”he managed to say.

“Do -you- find- my -fathers snoring -so -funny- Mr?” She repeated the question full of sarcasm this time. Her face had turned red. The husbands face expression was as clueless as can be.

“I.., no..actually..” he was trying to prove his innocence and he was glancing at me too helplessly.

I couldnt hold it any longer. It was so utterly funny that I burst out like buhahahahhahahahah”…open mouthed and all that. I stoped to see both of them looking at me in utter disvelief that I was laughing on their face and I lost it again and I again went “buhahaahahahahahahhahh, heee doest but I find it so funniee sorie..buahahahhaa” again, hands on my mouth, tears coming from my eyes. ;pI just couldt stop. The air had become mutinious now. She looked like a charged bull. He looked very angry at my laughing too.Other people were also looking at us now.

Thanklfully just then the movie started and the lights went off and her mother pulled her to her seat and the husband pulled me to mine and thretened if I dont behave myself we would have to leave the cinema half way.

With that I sufficed. I stoped laughing and watched the rest of the movie in silence. But we had to put up with the Rrr raga till the end too. As the movie ended and we were getting up to leave I heard our hero(the girls father) wake up, stretch himself and ask ‘itra pettanu kazhinjo jnan onnu cherutayi mayangi, arayirunnu heroine’ ? Meaning ‘The film got over so soon ?I just had a small nap, anyways who was the heroine?’ To this, not only me but the entire people in our 3 rows burst out laughing and the poor man stood as clueless as can be.


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