Unveiled Face

[Cleaning my lappie and found something that I wrote  years back, since I dint get any further than this in my horror skills, still don’t feel like thrashing it up, so here it is :P]

Oh! Its jasmine, wild and beautiful.

You remind me of her, Oh wild jasmine

He was white! His face shone in the bright moonlight; hollow and haunted, but not because he saw her. I was the only one who saw her, and only for a moment; a change in the moon light, a change in the shadows I would have missed her out completely. But I din’t. I saw her! There she stood amidst the thickly grown wild jasmines which w inere full bloom, its fragrance engulfing us even from the distance, nearly suffocating me; but only for a second and I almost thought I had dreamt it all. But her eyes, dark as the night could ever be, were fierce and fixed on him, almost like piercing his soul. But there was a smile in her lips, an old fashioned, loomed with shyness kind of smile. If she had looked at me, I know I would have screamed. But she was looking at Shrey instead.

I knew at the moment that nothing will be the same for the three of us ever again. I looked at her again, but she was gone. But I was sure I had seen her. The wild jasmine flowers were still looming large against the moonlit silvery December sky. The jasmine , wild , beautiful and untame like her, I thought .I wanted to scream ,to cry out , to get out of this nightmare. But I knew somehow that she will follow us, wherever we go. Because she had seen us, and though I never saw it, I knew that she knows that we have seen her too……


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