And Annu writes her first story!

Ta Da! And today in my world, Annu wrote her first story! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Well, technically she dint write it and it is not her first story,  but she told me this one line by line in broken English and bad grammar and some Malayalam in such a cherubic-ly cute way only a 4 year can manage to say. Each sentence was said with so much pain,  as she struggled to find the right English words and construct the sentences and kept asking me what were the English words for this and that in every sentence. But the words and thoughts kept flowing, and that really amazed me.

I started writing it aimlessly first on the back of a marriage invitation card that had come by today’s post.(Sorry Rohan and Aiswarya whoever you are, no one even got to see the card after that but I wish you a happy married life) But after the first few lines, I saw a story shaping up and so I took out an old diary and we went out in the balcony and spent an hour over it. I sat in the cane chair under the line where my clothes were drying in the mid afternoon sun and breeze and she sat on the arm of her chair and my chair pulled close, so it was like she was sitting on my shoulder. 😀


A click between story telling..

Well, the story had started as a ghost story and was initially namedThe Ghost and the Lion King, but after the second paragraph, she decided to change it all and the ghost turned into a fairy! (Well the author can change the plot and story anyway she wants right ? 😀 ) It is like a Christmas fairytale and it makes no sense but I loved the way how she described the surroundings and the spiked imagination.

And oh, did I tell you the other day her school vice principal and another teacher had come home to invite the mother in law for a forthcoming school reunion. My mom in law is and ex teacher at Bhavens and a freelance copy writer who has written some of the famous, ever green advertisement captions in Malayalam like ‘Keralam Kanikandu unaruna Nanma – Milma and ‘Pennayal ponnu venam, ponnumkudam ayidenam for Bhima etc. No doubt she is a fabulous writer, very creative and quick but the downside is she is usually invited to talk on boring subjects like ‘Where is the Malayalam in Malayalam going? 😀

I was in the bedroom when they came home and Annu had dragged me down and had proudly introduced me as ‘ ‘This is my Amma, she is a big writer, she writes so many stories in her laptop!(My daughter thinks I am a writer! santhoshamayi gopietta santhshamayi 😀 :D)

I saw that they sort of believed it (half of it I think from my geeky/horrible black framed glasses and the faded kurta and the new hair bun I was experimenting on my hair that I  had no time to take out when they had walked in :D). They looked at me with eyes a little wider and said ‘Oh really? And just as I was about to bring out my modesty roll and say’ oh that’s nothing really just a few this and that’, mom in law ruined it all. “Oh, Annu chumma parayunatha, jaya ezhuthuvonnumilla’!. (Annu is just joking, she doesn’t write or anything) and turning to me and smiling and asked politely ‘can you bring some tea? And I smiled sweetly and turned and walked to the kitchen and make a face only Indian daughter in laws know to make at their mother in laws when they are not looking. 😀

Ok, enough of the gossip,  here’s the story. Happy reading. 🙂

The Fairy and the Lion King


Long long ago, in a forest,  there lived a lion named Headwest. He was the king of the jungle. There were only two houses in the forest. One was the king’s house, big and strong and the other was a house made of flowers. A fairy named Clover lived there. There was a big garden in front of the fairy’s house with beautiful flowers and tall trees and a waterfall! It was a beautiful house. There was a beautiful Christmas tree decorated with flowers inside the house. But clover had no friends!

One day Headwest was walking nearby and saw the house made of flowers.

‘Whose house is this? It is so beautiful’ thought Headwest.

He knocked at the door but none opened. The lion opened the door and went inside. He was surprised, there was none inside the house.

‘Is this a ghost’s house?’ thought Headwest. He walked into the living room and saw the beautiful Christmas tree decorated with flowers. He had never seen such a tree before. There was a door near the Christmas tree. He opened the door and went into the kitchen and saw a girl in a white dress standing near the kitchen pipe. ‘ She must be a ghost’. Thought Headwest.

The lion walked into the kitchen and asked the girl ‘Ghost, what is your name?

The girl turned and saw the lion. She was not scared.

‘ My name is Clover’ said the girl smiling. ‘What is your name’? She asked the lion.

‘ My name is Headwest and I am the king of this jungle’ said the lion.

‘I am also a princess’ said Clover.

‘Oh, it is getting late. I must go now’. Said Headwest.

‘OK, bye bye’. Said Clover and waved at the lion.

The next day, Headwest woke up from his sleep and jumped out of his bed in excitement..

‘I must go to the ghost’s house’ thought the lion king.

At that time Clover had just woken up and was brushing her teeth. She changed her dress and walked into the hall. It was Christmas day. She was going to celebrate Christmas alone. She felt sad. She went and sat near the Christmas tree.

Just then, Headwest walked into the house and walked into the living room and shouted

‘Merry Christmas Clover’!!!

Clover was very happy. Headwest gave Clover a Christmas gift. And what was the Xmas gift? It was a beautiful silver bracelet!

‘Thank you my friend’, said clover happily.

‘My friend, you should wear this bracelet everyday’ said Headwest.

Clover agreed. ‘And this is my surprise, please open it’. she said giving a big gift to Headwest. He opened the gift. It was a golden crown! Headwest was very happy.

‘My friend, I am very happy. Thank you’. Said Headwest.

‘I am not a ghost like you think. I am the fairy of this forest.’. said Clover. ‘And I am going to make you a prince’.

The fairy took out her magic wand and touched the lion. And what magic! A new lion was born who looked just like Headwest.

‘Now he will be the king of the jungle and you can come to fairy land’ said Clover.

She touched Headwest again with her magic wand and immediately the lion turned into a handsome young prince!

The fairy and the prince flew up into the sky!

🙂 🙂 🙂


Note to Annu when you read it after years : Happiness is when your 4 and half year old daughter can make up a story! So proud of you darling cherry pie. 🙂  Muuahhh. Love you to bits.

Note to self : Oh please, stop being like Rani Mukherjee in Kuch kuch hota hai. 😀


Merry Christmas people 🙂 🙂


  One thought on “And Annu writes her first story!

  1. March 13, 2015 at 9:47 am

    cool anu…loved the story…


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