A 5 minute Caricature and everything in between!

He looked bored, irritated in fact. His head was bent behind a large board and the curly mop of hair which fell on his forehead and almost covered his eyes danced as he furiously stroked his pen on the paper in front of him. A large sign board said ‘5 minute caricature, Rs. 100 only’. I immediately stopped walking reading this. I always wanted to get my caricature drawn. ‘Come madam, get your caricature in just 5 minutes’ said the assistant who was smiling, obviously the guy in charge of the PR. What harm in spending 5 minutes, I thought. I moved towards the artist.

‘Sit down’ he grumbled without looking up. I sat on the chair in front of him.

‘Caricature or portrait’? His voice boomed from behind the board.

“Caricature would do’ I said.

He pulled out a new chart paper and clipped it on the board and started drawing. He looked at me and drew the forehead first. Again he looked at me and drew a few strokes on the paper. He would look again and I found myself feeling very self-conscious .It makes you feel uncomfortable when someone keeps looking at you. In a few seconds, I actually started feeling shy sitting there like that with a guy looking at my face and drawing and a lot of people who were passing behind me decided it was the most happening thing happening in Kochi since Run Kochi Run and gathered around me. 😀

“Namitha pramod?” someone asked from behind me. ‘Ey, no ithu vere aro anu (No, it is someone else) came a reply. I wanted to turn back but then the artist looked very grumpy like and alcoholic would when he has stayed sober for too long. It was past 8.30 in the evening and most stalls in the exhibition had started closing. I don’t know why I wanted to think that way but the look of him, shabby, stubbly and irritated just kind of made me think of Captain Haddock is, grumpy and irritated when his bottles wre far away. :D. The pen kept moving in quick strokes and his eyes pierced me in quick glances from underneath his layer of curls. Like Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet, I thought only that Leonardo was damn handsome and this guy was totally irritated. 😀

I found it difficult to keep looking at his face so I averted my eyes and started looking at the caricatures and portraits that hung on the wall. There were caricatures of Nasriya and Fahad, Oomen chandy, Mohanlal, Mammooty, random couples who got married sitting on red cars, portraits of unknown men and woman, mural paintings and a lot of pictures of the artist getting various awards from ministers and such.

‘So if you don’t finish in 5 minutes will we get the money back’ a voice came from behind me. The artist stopped his drawing and I turned back. A shorty baldy fair man stood behind me looking at the card given to him by the PR boy. The boy looked surprised and I found it rude, like asking a refund for Dominos pizza, 30 minutes delivery or you get the pizza free! But the man was certainly dubious of our distaste on his comment.

‘Phaa’ the artist almost spat out, shaked his head and resumed his strokes. Guess he was accustomed to this kind of witticism. The man waited around making impatient grunts making it known to us that mine was taking way too long.

I was kind of getting tired sitting like that and was beginning to wish that I never sat down when the artist put down his pen and looked at the picture in front of him . It was an indication that the caricature was finished I immediately stood up not able to bear to sit there for another second. He gave it to me with the same grumpiness, but I took one look at it and started laughing, it was utterly funny and he was a genius. I love when people are funny and this was ridiculously funny looking me.

Everyone around took a look at it and started laughing. It even put a smile on the grumpy looking artists face . 😀

Dancing J :D

Who said I can’t make people laugh? Even my picture does the trick! 😀 😀

A few more pics from last night at Kochi


With the caricature. The caricature stall was too crowded to click a pic there. :/


Outside the expo. I have become some sort of expo radar in Kochi now. 😀


Picture dedication to the husband 😀 😀 Every time I drag him for an expo he says, ‘You just want to see the damn vegetable cutting stall’. But that doesn’t stop me, I still stand and look like this and never buy. 😀 😀


That tree never looked that beautiful before.


  One thought on “A 5 minute Caricature and everything in between!

  1. jsfero
    February 12, 2015 at 8:14 pm

    > wish to visualise anu’s b’day….looking forward it in ur blog…



  2. February 27, 2015 at 11:50 am

    Hi Jaya,

    Seeing this photos of Kochi, I feel like missing my days years back in Kochi.

    Reji Stephenson


    • Jaya
      February 27, 2015 at 1:25 pm

      Thats nice reji stephenson, glad to hear that.

      Liked by 1 person

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