Summarizing February : Birthdays, Biennale’s, Bogus Cancer and Books!

February is going way too fast for my liking!

It is my favorite month of the year as Annu’s birthday falls on the 8th. For Makku, it is the month of relief as his 3 months of never ending expense errr celebrations finally comes to an end. (There is the wedding anniversary in December and my birthday in January before February) 😀

Week One: The Birthday

My daughter, my love, my companion,my baby Annu turned 5. Cant imagine how time goes so fast(I keep saying that a lot these days, guess 30’s do it to you!). Well anyways, we had a lot of fun and I made her a cute little davani in full south Indian style in red and gold, complete with a chutti on the forehead, bangles and anklets and all. She refused to wear the flowers though.  She looked adorable and was so happy in it.


We had planned a party at home for her friends and she had been super excited and was asking me a million times if it was evening from the time she woke up. it was a perfect little day.


Week 2 : The Biennale:

After a gap of 2 years, Biennale is happening again in Kochi. And for eternity and beyond, me and my friend Deji have been planning to go for the Muzaris Binennle that is happening at Fort Kochi. And every weekend, we remind each other religiously and nod our heads in unison and make never ending promises for a date that was never fixed. Finally we took off last Sunday afternoon and she picked me up and we successfully created a not so modest traffic block in Deshabhimani junction but still managed to reach the venue in one piece! 😀

Deji at the entrance of the Biennele at Aspinwall

Now the Biennale is an illusion, almost Greek and Latin if you know what I mean. We visited the main venue, The Aspinwall house which is a beautiful bungalow that faced the Arabian Sea.It dates back to the colonial era and if you are traveling by boat to either Vypin Islands or Fort Kochi from Ernakulam, you can see this beautiful building on the coast. The Biennale was a mesmerizing experiance but I was more in love with  the beauty the scenery from the sea that peeked through the long windows offered and the saltiness in the air that made me want to go out and sit by the bougen villas which were in full bloom near the cafeteria. I think Deji understood much more, she was looking deeply into everything intensely, so were a lot of very creative and inspired people around. We in particularly liked a light show of the universe which kind of took me to outer space, . And I also discovered a wall of rare photographs of some writers I admire (and recognized) much. 20150215_142717

Jew Street, Mattanchery:

Since she had never been to Mattanchery, we also visited the Mattanchery Jew town and walked through Jew Street, with its narrow alleys and antique selling shops on either side and stone paved paths. I always feel like these alleys speaks of untold tales from the past, stories of invasions and ruminants of the descendants who left us a mixed heritage from their world! I wondered what story each piece of antique in each little store had to tell, if only they could speak!

Jew Street, Mattanchery
Lord Ganesha and Gauthama Budha on a rest zone.
You get the best of antique brass curios here

Week 3: The Bogus Cancer:

The third week started and I had just invented the best chocolate chip brownie (will share the recipe some other time) when my doctor made me go in for an MRI scan. (Long time readers here will know I keep whining about a so so called back pain). Being a horribly claustrophobic person,(I cannot even be in a closed lift for more than a minute) it was a disastrous experience to go into the machine and be there with all the vibrations and sounds.

The next day dawned and I got the results and along with a spinal disk problem the radiologist had also discovered (like Columbus he thinks) something else, a growth! And a super panicked Makku took me from one doctor to another and I felt like a cork in between badminton players as one doctor after the other examined and diagnosed me. More tests and scans where I saw the insides of my anatomy on a 42 inch LCD screen right in front of me and was so disturbed that for the next couple of days, every time I saw a human being fully dressed and immaculately made up, all I would imagine was the mass of flesh and odd looking things that are inside them. Eww! These things make you totally mindfucked I say!

Well apparently it turned out to be only a cyst and my current doctor thinks it might go off on its on and maybe we should wait for a couple of months before starting on anything. So much hype for nothing at all. So I am trusting her and possibly postponing anything I detest the most like hospitals, needles and all the jazz!

Btw, I have finally got broadband in my room and it’s a mess with wires and a box of 5 blinking lights and all but now at least my net is fast unlike my dongle days where I have to move around here and there for reception! I meant to do a lot of things once I have faster internet but now all I am doing is watching and downloading all the movies that I have missed! 😀 😀

And I also finished reading 3 books in between, Padmarajans Nakshatrangale Kaval , Anita Nair’s Mistress and the diary of a social butterfly by Moni Mohsin. I have developed this new habit of needing a few days gap in between books now as I find it difficult to come to earth from the story and characters. I don’t know if this is normal, maybe I should have my brains checked too.:D :D.

Some more pics from the Biennale:

Long corridors and tall windows with a calm sea and never ending sky beyond!
Selfie wih Madhavikutty 😀
A place that exists only in moonlight! can anything get more romantic than that?

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