5 things on a monday morning

  1. It’s raining in Kochi. After a few long hot weeks, this is so perfect. The skies are overcast, with dark grey clouds, the curtains are flying in the wind and some birds have taken shelter on the drumstick tree near my window. They are sitting close, huddling from the cold and I feel like wrapping them all with a warm blanket and keep them safe. I love the smell of the wet mud that comes snooping inside, the fresh spray of raindrops through the netted window frame, a creeper that climbs my wall had to shed some flowers from the weight of the rains though. Some gains, some losses!
  2. I had gone visiting my aunt yesterday and after half a day of chatter on her Singapore days, the sweetheart she is, packed me a boot full of goddies as well as one of her maids (no she sat in the back, not in the boot). So I woke up to the heavenly aroma of filter coffee brewing and dosa barter falling on the heavenly oiled tawa. I come out of the bedroom and the house is spic and span, and she comes and hands me a mug of coffee.Wow, I have never had such luxury since when? school? Life is going to be bliss for some time. 🙂
  3. I have finally made up my mind to continue studies 🙂  So I am going to take up M.A English but still contemplating if I should do a regular course or a distance course. There is still couple of months for admissions to start so I guess I would come to it soon.
  4. I am still sleep deprived from last night’s party and later after we stumbled home and after the whole house had drifted to sleep I had switched on my lappie and watched the movie interstellar and was dreaming of space and space suits and such for the whole night(which was left of it I mean). I need some more sleep.
  5. Annu had collected some Appopanthadis (Pappus) from Satya Ammayi’s house day before and had kept them safe in a bedazzled old container on my dressing table. And someone left the lid open today morning and now they are flying around in the house. It looks magical almost like little fairies visiting from somewhere so I am letting it be.


    Appopantadis (Pappus)


  One thought on “5 things on a monday morning

  1. December 27, 2016 at 5:42 am

    Well Said.


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