A few minutes in my corner.

I am sitting in my corner in the room, there’s a window on my right which is the only side I turn to. I can see a deserted house through it, and a house which is in the first stage of construction. The owners of the deserted house, my ex neighbors have left behind their rooster. It has become so disoriented that I heard him crowing at around 11 last night! I can see him perched up on the mango tree in their front yard now.

I am also listening to some songs and there is this song I really like, mainly for the choreography of how rains are portrayed in it. Sharing it here :

As if to snap me out of my trance , there is a sudden roar of thunder, and the wind carries in the aroma of fresh wet mud . Rains!

I go to the terrace to pick up something and the sky is now like this. There is lighting too so I better go inside, there is a dance class at 5.





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