Election fever

Counselor elections are right around the corner and since my father is a candidate,  we had gone from house to house for the propaganda today, since it was the last Sunday before the election date.  My long lost cousins had all come together and along with neighbors and other supporters I don’t remember having so much fun in all these past months.


Cherry with her dummy voting machine

It was again a rainy and puddly day but we covered fairly everywhere,one big group with different colored umbrellas. So many houses, so many people, so much of conversations, I have totally lost count. My daughter was the cutest, she insisted on demonstrating the dummy voting machine and it sure gave us a lot of brownie points. The only glitch was that she is a hardcore Modi fan and in between she was saying anyways its them who is going to win!

At the end of the day, my legs feel like logs from all the walking, I am so dead tired and just waiting to hit bed and I think I will not wake up for  the next 2 days straight, but I am feeling like we really did something today. Thank god we are allowed  propaganda only on Sundays!


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