Iced Pickles and wall graffitis – at Kozhikode again!

We drove to Kozhikode today. Why? Obviously to have food dum dum. It is almost like we have lost our minds, there is election voting tomorrow and we should be there. But there was nothing to be done today and here we are in Calicut, enjoying yummy dhum Biriyanis,paneer tikka and other Malabari items on the menu in Bombay hotel which happens to be my favorite eatery in Kozhikode.

The weather was damn wet, thunders, lightning and rains in between and the long drive had not been a very happy one, but it sure was entertaining as my cousin narrated his prolonged love story which I guess will soon become his last story when his mother finds out  about his Cristian girlfriend 🙂 ( Oh, yes we are conservative hypocrites when it comes to  family :D)

Since this was a very short visit, I couldn’t see anything else or go shopping and all that, but the last time I was here can be found in the link below:

Well today, I was more or less near the beach throughout. We saw a lot of wall graffiti besides the beach, it looked chick though nothing in par with Kochi wall graffiti that has popped out everywhere in and around Fortkochi recently.


Another thing I found out about Calicut is that, the people here are so tolerating. I guess by birth they are all very good at heart, their comradeship can be felt in every walk, whether you are asking for directions, at a shop, anywhere. And today I found out that they have no problem if on a busy busy road, a car suddenly decides to block all the traffic and take a reverse and a u turn. You want to block all the traffic and turn?Sure, no problem, go right ahead 😀 (I am not even thinking what will happen if this dude tries this in Kochi, I can almost start hearing the abuses in my head :D)


I just changed my mind, I need to go back!


By evening we were at the beach, and yes the beach was so crowded even on a working day. It was packed, and there was a lot of vendors selling knick knacks and eateries like roasted peanuts, shredded corn,  iced pickles which you could choose from a sweet or a spicy savory kind. The technique looked appealing, there would be big blocks of ice and the vendor would grate out ice ribbons and top it with whatever topping you choose! I had taken a video of it, but its not getting transferred from my phone. (Arrghh)

The sun has set and luckily there is no rain now and we could take a short stroll in the beach. I bought some battery run lights which looked beautiful from a vendor sitting here, bought iced pickles too, but I was apprehensive on the quality of water it was made from, so threw it out finally. Annu has another program coming up next week, falling sick wont do.



Kozhikode beach at night.

That’s the last pic I took in my phone tonight. Heading back to Kochi now. See ya. 🙂



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