U.K.G Chronicles!

I promise myself that I would blog on a regular basis, but just like my new year resolutions every year, they wither away after the first few weeks!

With a growing up child in the house, I suddenly find myself busy with so many things. But when I try to remember what I was doing, I am at a loss to point out what exactly! It gets frustrating at times.

Unlike last year, my daughter has suddenly taken an interest in dance and drama. I am one of those parents who don’t push my child into anything, music, dance or sports. I believe that if they have an interest in it, they would eventually tell us. And that is what is important.

First she had her Navaratri dance. Months and months of practice, in the school, then in the stage. I had to keep motivating her to go on, some days she came back all smiling and happy because her teacher praised her dance. And some other days she sat on my lap and hugged me saying she dint want to dance because she was not getting the steps right. I had to help her, making her practice and showing the right steps.This almost went on for 4 months.   Since her teacher arranged the costume and make up thankfully I dint have to worry about it.

The dance was for the song ‘Mudhu gare yashoda’. This is a very sweet keerthanam by AnanmacharyaIt, where he  compares Krishna during his various acts(leelas) to precious gems or nava ratna(9 gems).


She’s the one in the centre.


IMG_0206.JPGI am sharing the youtube link below:

Muthugare Yashoda

That over and I was almost settling down when rehearsals for the Children’s day program started. There she had to give an introduction speech and also dance. Again months of practice and unfortunately I had to do the make up and get all the accessories together, but I did such a bad job that she was looking like someone else! But her speech was really good and many teachers and  parents said how well she spoke.


All decked up for Children’s day dance, but she was so not happy with my ‘make up’ skills that she refused to turn for a pic! 😀

Sharing the link below:

Children’s day

And this time I really thought its time to slow down and she can also have some rest when the principal hand picked her for the annual day program. Its a big thing here to be selected for the annual day program as its a big school and UKG alone has 6 divisions. They are doing a drama ‘Cinderella’ this time and she will be enacting Cinderella. I really have my doubts on her acting skills but her principal seems to think otherwise. Annual day is in Feb and they have given 4 pages of script to learn and another 4 more pages is on the way!

And then she also had her Gita chanting competition from iskcon. Thanks to ramya, who made the effort to recite it and send it across to me, she did well in that too. results are not out yet, but I am hoping.

Well, 7 months into school and so many activities and I am wondering how it would be in the next 12 years!!



  One thought on “U.K.G Chronicles!

  1. December 7, 2015 at 11:11 am

    wow…. actually.. the dance is too beautiful…. couldn’t believe such cute lil dolls did tat…. i could relate as same things happening here too . 🙂


    • Jaya
      December 8, 2015 at 6:38 am

      yes priya, it was really awsome..for 5 year olds to dance like that..i was amazed too..yea all of us going through the same phase…:)

      Liked by 1 person

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