When the first drop of rain hits the mud.



It has started raining.

All of a sudden , couple of days back, the sky just rolled up and dark clouds took over the horizon  somewhere around mid  afternoon. Like a sudden thick gush of smoke pumped out from somewhere, they objected my view from anything, and suddenly it felt like late evening at mid afternoon.

My neighbor in green, Ms. White checkered barbet has settled in her coconut tree hole house that she and her Mr. were making at record speed. And since shes in there most of the time I am guessing shes already laid her eggs. The first roar of thunder and I went upstairs to check if she was OK. I saw her putting her head out and examining the whole dark surroundings and guessing it was better off inside just pulled back .

The tender mangoes in my backyard mango tree has all ripened or almost ripe and they just danced away swaying in the wind. A short tree almost bent over and I almost thought it was going to snap and break.  Luckily, it didn’t.

Another roll of thunder and rain started falling like pellets, growing thicker and thicker with each passing second. The smell of wet mud, the sudden chill in the air, the lightning that brightened up the dark skies..

Me and cherry just pulled up 2 chairs and sat on the porch and watched the rain till it was like too dark to even make out anything. Then we just went inside and made some hot chocolate. So much for happiness..:)




Pic courtesy : Google Images ( But it pretty much looks the same. I did click pics but then later realised I had forgotten to put in the sd card. stupid me!)


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