The I dont have a phone post :)


Finally I feel liberated. No I am not dead and  attained nirvana and all that. Its just that my phone conked out last week or so, and since then I really feel so liberated.It has its cons like not being able to call someone when you want to or just pick up the phone and ping someone when you were bored. Darshana and Merin did come home to check if I was still alive which was very sweet of them.

It was actually a weird feeling in the beginning, I missed those cute little beeps that filled my day when someone pinged me in watsap, I missed chating with Deepti that were so liberating, I missed those school group chats where we mostly picked on a classmate, my college group chats where I felt like I really dint know anyone at all, My PG group where only a few of us chated, the UKG Mommies group where really a lot of things happened and later gossiping about each an everything with Anju.:D,I missed the Cristal girls gang group where we all realized that we were hitting mid life crisis! :D,  I missed those chats with Priyesh where we would poke each other and I had a gala time making fun of his gfs- the idli face colleague and so on, I missed those  daily chats with Ami and Maya which has been going for so long that I feel its a daily routine, I missed changing my dp twice a day.:D, I missed putting weird status messages, I missed the daily calls from Amma, and the occasional ones from Anuradha and Akka and others. I missed not having to remember to put the phone to charge, or having to remember if I still had it with me when I went out or returned home.

But I also realized I had a lot of free time in my hand since there was no phone to keep me engaged all the time. Who knew a small thing like a smart phone would be ruling your life!Since I was free-

  1. I was playing more with my daughter. We drew pictures, we painted a box house, we read stories and we played house. She stopped complaining that I am always looking into my damn phone! 🙂
  2. I was becoming a better cook. I am a lazy cook, whatever is fast has always been my way. But now I had time and I was cooking big elaborate meals. Breakfasts had fresh juice now, Lunch there were more curries and dinner was a something that everyone looked forward to. 🙂
  3. I was once again thinking of many things. Few dreams I have put on the backseat was  slowly waving to me. I am developing a script from a thread that’s been running in my mind for some time now.
  4. The house is more clean and presentable and smelled nice
  5. I have started reading again, Robert Ludlum, David Badacci and Stephen King, I would love to have the 3 of you together but for the time being I will just go with you Mr.Ludlum. :D:D
  6. I am following more news and keeping myself updated and the same has happened to my fashion sense which I think I had lost a few years back. Lets get on track baby!

These are just a few of them, I really feel its a good thing I don’t have a phone now. At least now I can think of some me time. So until I dont have a good reason , I have decided not to use one. 🙂 Lets just bring on the 80’s.


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