Bedtime stories and Sex and the City.

Couple of days back my mother came to stay with us. I love those day when she is home. I mean who doesn’t love having their mother around. For once you get to slack from everything. For me especially from cooking (I detest that seriously, cooking when I like is a passion, but cooking when I have to is an irony.) My mom unlike me is normal, and she loves cooking and feeding and more cooking and more feeding. So I was on happy meals for couple of days – my mother cooking and me happily eating. 😀

Since my mother  was here for the night, the husband decided to spend a night at his parents’ house which is like 5 minutes away. By 11 we were all settled in bed. When she is here, me and Cherry usually sleeps with her. Cherry in between us, listening to us talking or Amma telling her some old stories.  I remembered I had my ‘Sex and the city s6’ repeats  on AXN which was something I dint want to miss. Feeling too lazy to get up and go from the airconditioned bedroom to living room, I switched on the television and tuned into the channel and Cherry who was not yet asleep had to ask the name of the show and I simply told her ‘City girls’( She needn’t know the S word so soon I guess).

The irony was that both of them (the grandmother and granddaughter) were wide awake and mom was in between telling her some stories from the Hindu puranas, I could hear the names Mahavishnu, Paramasivan, Mohini etc etc thrown in between, and there I was watching this sitcom where woman were drinking and kissing and words like S**, A*****, F*** were in regular conversation!

After the first two S words from Samantha Jones, I decided it was best to watch it on mute, reading the subtitles. This was the way how I watched television when Cherry was a baby at night, and thanks to that my eyesight has gone for a sixer!  It had some scenes which might look like heavy love making but in reality it was nothing other than a head shot from the back or a naked shoulder and some ah oo sound effects to follow. But since my mother or Cherry din’t know that, I kept an eye on them and when such a scene appeared I immediately flipped channels! God I almost got squint eyes doing that!( I am 30,but still feel uncomfortable watching such things in front of my parents, ya I admit it :D)

There was this scene were Miranda and her husband goes on a honeymoon and they are in a tub, and all of a sudden Cherry exclaims ‘ Momma are they not wearing clothes’!  I immediately switch channels and act as if I was just browsing through and never heard her question  and she goes again ‘ “Were they not wearing any clothes?”’ She needed an answer . I simply had to say something like‘ I don’t know, I was just changing channels’.

I get a few more minutes of silence and go back to AXN thinking maybe she has gone back to her story, and Carrie is with the Russian (I infact really like the Russian, think he was better than Big). Suddenly from my right side she says, “ Momma, Ammooma(grandmother) doesn’t know anything. She says Mohini was Paramasivan. But it was Mahavishnu right?

I blink like a moth caught in light. I open my mouth and the close it again like a gasping goldfish. In reality I couldn’t place all these people together. A part of my mind was in the program where Alekxandre Petrovsky was about to give Carrie something and I couldn’t place Mohini into it. (URghh).

I looked at my mom on the other end of the bed and she was more than half into sleep mumbling something like “Mohini was Paramasivan. Not that mohini”. She sounded eternally confused from her sleep mode I guess.  Luckily Cherry too was slumbering into sleep.

I decided it was the best to switch off the television and get some sleep. I think I had some real weird dreams last night about Carrie with a tilak or something like that.

Note to myself: No more watching TV in the bedroom at night!


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