Monsoon Blues


A mug of black coffee and a classic to read to beat monsoon blues


Its raining, like heavy heavy rain types. The floor is so cold that I feel like little electric shocks are going up my feet every time I put my foot down.

Its Saturday  and I have’nt really done anything today other than read bullshit on the intetnet  and watch videos on youtube almost all day. Cherry has gone visiting her grandparents and the husband is off to work, so it was just the house and me today. And I had heaps of things to do which I have left it just like that. Its the climate you see. I really cant function at all when its cold.

I really dont feel like going out anywhere these days. I have my classes and other than the necessary places I need to go, going out on weekends and all seem so boring. Its just the climate or I say to myself! Talk about monsoon blues.


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