A pic from the past! An ode to sisterhood :D




The picture on top is from a long time ago, a time I really don’t even remember much about, another birth maybe because these days I don’t get to laugh like this anymore.I wonder what made us laugh so much. It must have been something silly, we always end up laughing for anything ! Well, most of our pictures do resemble the one on top, cracking up, unaligned, usually making no sense at all.:D

This came in the ‘Sisterhood’ group today. Trust Deeps to come up with such a name. (I immediately put the eye rolling emoji when she changed the group name, I swear I did!). There is nothing that we don’t discuss and crack up about in that group. Its an open book,our lives – I don’t think there’s anything that we don’t discuss or know about each other. From husband dramas, inlaws traumas, jobs or the lack of it, kids (no kids are the sweetest things, blessed!), making fun of other friends who are not in the group, new guys who try to hit on us, in fact one of us think one of our ex husband is trying to hit on one of us (lol), contemplate and unanimously agree for the hundredth thousandth time that college was pure shit :D, wonder how we put up with the rest of the gang, plot meet ups without them knowing, make fun of each and everything. Gosh I sound pure evil.:D 😀

But then, it just makes us happy to be in that space where we can actually be ourselves without thinking that we are judged or have to hold on to any of the society labels stuck on us. And just looking at the picture is making me crack up all over again.Its good to have friends for a lifetime. Someone wise once said that its a blessing to have friends who share your same mental disorder. 😀


  One thought on “A pic from the past! An ode to sisterhood :D

  1. November 1, 2016 at 8:25 pm

    So Nice,
    Happy Bhai Dooj & Dipawali To U & Your Whole Family.
    Always Stay Happy.

    Liked by 1 person

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