Today was not just my day..Blimey…

7.20 am:  Cherry had to dress up as ‘Radha ‘ and reach school  by 7.15 am today  because of Astami Rohini celebrations and as usual the husband happily handed over the baton to me and indulged in another hour of undisturbed sleep. We were still getting dressed at 7.15 am and when we reached school, I was the weary, teary eyed parent who ended up coming with my daughter in tow without a trace of make up on her while there was a sea of cute little Krishna’s and little Radhas, all decked up in their finest attire and make up splendor. Luckily Cherry is still too small to realize this and the only thing she looked aghast was the fact that I had gone to her school wearing flip flops,electric  blue ones at that. I had completely forgotten to change my house slippers in the hurry to reach school on time  and had trotted happily into her school wearing my 3 year old  bathroom slippers. Blimey!

10.00am: In memory of the carrot cake I had mercilessly indulged  yesterday, not to mention the bajji cheese sandwich from Haji Ali , feeling rather guilty and bloated I am pounding  my way  at the gym.  The gym is a new territory I have discovered recently and though it is a place we talk more  than work out, I find my zen there. The best thing is that they allow our kids too, who think it is funny to run around when someone is lifting weights and making them totally dizzy! Since I have back problems, my favorite piece is a cycling machine with a backrest. It is in a calm place facing a mango tree and I feel my feeling of zen emerge from the bottom of my heart when I am on it :D. And also, I get to hide there from Mr.Monu who is our trainer who thinks its amusing to regulate whatever you are doing at the moment to a point so difficult you pant with every breath! So after my warm ups, I go directly  to my favorite cycle and to my dismay I am not able to switch it on. After a few failed attempts, I call the owner of the gym and he comes over all eager to help the maiden in distress. He just pulls out a plug from the electric socket to plug in my machine and I hear a loud thud from behind me. Apparently,  he had  pulled out the plug of a treadmill where a lady with similar  back problems was being brave enough to jog at 7 speed and she almost fell down and sprained her back again. Blimey!

12.30 pm : Mother walks in with her usual scoop of new business ideas. Incidentally she has started a pickle business without any of our knowledge! Not just pickles, she has started Chutney powder, Sambhar powder and is  full fledged! I am like when?how?When? Like the last time I spoke to her (which was last evening) there was not even the faintest idea of woman entrepreneurship looming out from her. She brushed of all my queries saying she has been thinking about it for a long time and today she thought was the best day to put everything into practice! Incidentally , she has even send my father to inquire about the official processes for taking the food license. (The last time she convinced my father was to stand for the election and all of us are still recovering from the shock!) “But then what will you sell, how, where?” I a so full of doubts and she beams ear to ear and produces samples from a shopping bag which was still inside the verandah.Pickles made from Mangoes, Vadukapuli, Sambar powder, chutney powder are placed on my dining table and I am slurrping…Lets just forget the food license and have lunch, I insist. 😀

4.00 pm: I get a watsap text from a very dear and very pregnant friend of mine asking whether i will  be at home in the evening, so she could come over. When I reply in the affirmative she reveals that her child (who is the same class with Cherry) has been invited to a birthday party of a fellow class mate whose mother I have never met until today morning. She had added me in fb like a month back but it was the first time that I met her in flesh. I immediately started worrying thinking that Cherry could feel bad that she was not invited (only because my PR skills were totally nil), So I call up Dr.DD who stays next to the b’day boy’s house and plot with her to call up this common friend of ours and innocently ask her to couch in her(Dr.DD’s) place. (all for cherry). She calls back after a few minutes saying that our dear friend refused it and said that she has already promised she would come here! I dread the moment where my daughter finds out that her friends were going to a party and she was not. I ponder and ponder and finally decide to tell that myself (let her hear it from me rather than in an unpleasant way). I break the news to her kindly , telling so and so might come here and her kid will be going to such and such a party but Mummy don’t know his mom and so on. And she was like ok and go about doing her painting! I was totally confused, so I asked her again if she was really OK with it, and she is like “you don’t know his mother and we never called him for my birthday so its ok”.  Kids! Like Anju said, grown up makes things so complicated and kids make it so simple. So much times wasted on worrying for nothing! : I am making Cherry learn her dictation words mercilessly that Adolf Hitler could have taken a bow. She is dreading every minute of it and is producing all sorts of weird sounds like sighing, long sighing (in the next 1.5 minute after the first sighing), falling on the table, flipping her eraser, trying to pronounce words like animals as amils, swear as sore etc. The Adolf Hitler in me is dying to laugh hysterically because it is utterly funny but I need Dalai Lama’s absolute zen in me to cope up with teaching her EVSC words for tomorrow’s dictation.


7.30 pm : I am texting my soul mates in our sisterhood(She still hasn’t changed the name!I know) group in watsap and the topic comes to a particularly unpopular guy who studied with us. He had given one of us a nickname and none remembered it and I volunteered to fish out an old pic with one of us sitting on a tree right above him and try and think again. While i go to ‘fish’ for the pic and upon finding it, he reminded vaguely of someone and to my utter horror remembered that I had run out of vegetables.(I really don’t know what triggered that) Asking the husband to keep an eye on Cherry and her studies I run out in my electric blue flip flops(again) to find the most important man in my life these days closing his shop! I return in less than 10 minutes but that is enough for the girls to start wondering where I had disappeared. So I tell them that I went hunting for the most important man in my life now. They are all curious to know about him so I give them a vague description to make them totally jealous – he sells peeled shallots, scrapped coconuts and cut organic vegetables! And immediately the girls wanted him too. They were even plotting to kidnap him to Kuwait and pay him in KD’s. They are still begging me for his details but I am keeping my mouth shut. I am telling you, a woman should never reveal details about an eligible man, there are always others who are interested. 😀 :D.


8.30 pm: My bed time is looming above my head in a big way. Cherry checks the clock and is getting tensed that it is way past her bedtime and so is mine! Finally she declares that we leave everything that we are doing now  and hit bed right this minute! (Am I the mother here or is she the one? I am eternally confused on this one!) I try to convince her that she could get up a little later the next day as it was a hard day today(I mean for me:D) but she totally doesn’t fall for my rantings. Once upon a time,  8.30 pm was a time when I would be lazing on the couch, have time for myself and watch my favorite channel or browse or read or do whatever I desired without a pint sized Mussolini dictating my every move! These days  I am just delusional, most of the time trying to squeeze in between an almost sleeping child, her 2 blankets, 3 stuffed dolls of various sizes, a night glowing lamp in the shape of a round snow man, 3 little smiley yellow balls, a pair of (new) bunny slippers and 4 hand towels! Incidentally they all happen to be sleeping in our bed!





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