Lets keep our kids safe!

Just came to know from one of the school groups that there has been a child kidnapping attempt in one of the prominent schools in Kochi. Don’t know about the authenticity of this but in the past few months, there has been all kinds of news and forwards in watsap about child abductions that would freeze any mothers heart.

I randomly checked google for some statistics and around 740 child  abductions has happened in the past one year alone in Kerala. In the month of November alone there has been nearly 45. Some of the children were later found, but nearly 350 of these registered children are still missing. And the actual figures would be much more.

The other day, one of my ex colleagues very fashionably told me that her neighbor takes her daughter to dance classes. And since she dint have time she doesn’t know  where exactly the dance class was. I was mortified and asked her how can you possibly not know your own daughters dance class? She brushed it off saying I am really busy with my job bla bla bla. I am not sure that saying I am really busy for my own child is anything a parent has to be proud of. All of us work, cook, clean,bake,wash, you name it, we do it all. But at the end of the day most of it is for our children right?

What they do to the abducted children is something more heartbreaking than anything we might ever know.So, dear fellow parents, lets take all extra  efforts to keep our child safe.


*Tell them not to trust anyone who says they know their parents/siblings and has asked them to come and pick them. (I bet all of us have done that).


* Recheck with your van driver how is he getting the child from the class. I have seen single children sitting in vans in the afternoons waiting alone while the driver goes into school to pick others kids from classes. Ask your child time and again about this.


* Recheck if your regular van driver doesn’t show up and sends someone else.


*However busy you are, make your kid your priority, listen to their day, who all they have met during the day. If there is anyone who is showing special interest in them without your knowledge, make note.


* Make your child learn your and your spouses phone number.


* When you go into malls and crowded places, be extra careful, keep your child in sight, hold hands, glare at them if they try to run around, anything so that you know they are with you.


* Don’t leave your child outside if you get into one of the trial rooms, take them with you.


*Don’t ever leave your child alone inside a parked vehicle with or without the ignition on. Child locks are never really safe.


*Make them practice their loudest scream if at all they have to face the inevitable.


* And since most of us know other parents in school, and have watsap groups, those of going to pick our kids, lets keep a lookout for other kids too. In case you dont have parents groups, its better that you start one.


I guess I am panicking a lot more than needed here, but lets keep our children safe. They need to play, have fun and have a childhood they don’t have to recover from. Lets give them that.

* All the figures above are from google


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